Sunday Lunch Menu


SUNDAY MENU - Starters

  • Garlic Bread (V)

  • Garlic Bread Mozzarella (V)

  • Brusheta (V)

    Vine tomatoes, basil pesto, garlic, olive oil on ciabatta bread.

  • Chicken wings

    Chargrilled chicken wings with sweet chilli and garlic dip.

  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine leaves, chicken, parmesan, croutons and pine nuts with classic Caesar dressing.

  • Deep Fried Brie (V)

    Served with cranberry sauce.

Main Course

SUNDAY MENU - Main Course

  • Chicken or Beef Wrap

    Tortilla filled with spicy chicken or beef, melted mozzarella, salsa and garlic dip, served with potato wedges.

  • Prime Irish Sirloin Steak

    With mushroom and onions and pepper sauce or garlic butter, served with veg or chips. (add €2.50)

  • Chicken Caciatore

    Chicken fillet marinated in herbs, garlic and lemon juice, served with roast peppers, courgette and mushrooms in a herbed tomato sauce and chips.

  • Cod

    In lemon butter served with veg or chips.

  • Chicken and/or Beef Fajita

    Marinated strips of chicken and/ or prime Irish beef, cooked with mixed peppers, onions, jalapenos in Mexican sauce, served with sour cream, guacamole and tortilla wraps.

  • Penne Pollo

    Prime chicken fillet, mushrooms cooked in a white wine creamy sauce.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    Traditional prime steak mince in tomato ragout.

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

    Crispy bacon, egg yolk and parmesan cheese in a creamy sauce.

  • Tagliatella Amatriciana

    Crispy bacon, red onions and chilli in a herbed tomato sauce.

  • Tagliatella Primavera (V)

    Roast peppers, onion, courgette, sundried tomato in herbed sauce.

  • Penne Con Pesto (V)

    Basil pesto, broccoli, sun blush tomato, parmesan, olive oil and pine nuts.

  • Pizza al Capone

    Double pepperoni and extra cheese.

  • Pizza Carne Amoro

    Ham, salami, pepperoni, crispy bacon, Italian sausage and spicy beef.

  • Pizza Mezzo Special

    Crispy bacon, Italian sausage, field mushroom, blushed tomatoes, artichoke.

  • Pizza De Chef (V)

    Chargrilled vegetables, artichokes, mascarpone cheese, rocket, pine nuts.


SUNDAY MENU - Desserts

  • Homemade Tiramisu

  • Homemade white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

  • Selection of Icecream

  • Full menu


  • 2 course + Regular Tea/Coffee